Kristina & Tim’s Wedding at The Cooper Estate

Kristina & Tim’s Wedding at The Cooper Estate

I can’t believe that it’s been 2.5 years since Kristina & Tim’s engagement session with me in Winter Park! With Kristina working hard to finish dental school, they delayed the wedding until she completed school. I was so excited when they contacted me with the great news that the date has been set, and they wanted me to be their wedding photographer! Not only that, but it was going to be in a beautiful venue in South Florida called The Cooper Estate. With their engagement session being at Casa Feliz,  The Cooper Estate was the perfect way to stick with the theme. It has the same style, the same feel, and well…it was just an incredible venue! 

Craig and I arrived on Friday afternoon to meet with them before their rehearsal, and my jaw hit the ground when I saw this place. I felt like we took a step back in time and were in the medieval ages. The fact that they chose to do a first look was also huge for us since we knew we would be able to get even more photos with them around this stunning venue!

The weather the week before their wedding was, put simply, horrendous. Rain storms, constant cloudiness, and pretty far from ideal wedding-weather. The drive down there was actually pretty scary. There were times when we couldn’t even see the hood of our car! So naturally, we were a bit concerned for the wedding day. The forecast looked okay. Certainly not as bad as the day before, but not the best either. Well, we couldn’t have lucked out more! Not ONE drop of rain that day. Everything turned out absolutely perfect for this perfect couple. They were smiling all day long, happy as clams.

We were even able to sneak them away during dinner for a really cool photo with the dramatic front doors, deep blue sky, and some fun lighting.

Everything was perfect, and we were so thrilled to be part of this special day. Thank you for including us in such a beautiful, loving, fun wedding day! <3

By: Sivan Photography

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Photographer: Sivan Photography

Venue: The Cooper Estate

Videographer: Lexoria

Floral: J&M Floral Productions

Hair: Lavish Beauty

DJ: DJ Hurricane Rey

Cake: Ana Paz Cakes

Officiant: Reverend Dan Harden

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