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Rates – Elopement & Intimate Ceremonies

Elopements, Intimate Weddings, & Vow Renewals

The small luxury and elopement wedding is now beginning to trend. The word elopement, however, no longer means placing a ladder outside of a window for your escape!

Small elopement weddings still represent a stress-free and elegant way to engage in your special day with the one you love. Nevertheless, they allow for increased focus on the couple, and not the guests. A small wedding also means more savings towards a new home, travel, or future planning.

At The Cooper Estate, you can hold a fantastic celebration or wedding ceremony that will not break the bank. This enables you to provide a great experience for you, in addition to your guests.


Small Wedding Benefits

A wedding is typically accompanied by a large banquet, hundreds of guests, thousands of dollars in exorbitant expenses, and massive amounts of stress. However, a small and more intimate venue can provide you with the wedding you always dreamed of while possessing numerous benefits in comparison to a larger wedding ceremony.

Smaller weddings may seem less luxurious or special. Nonetheless, holding a small wedding may remain longer in your memory than any other wedding you attended in the past!

Your friends at The Cooper Estate want to impart some of the many benefits that hosting a smaller wedding ceremony at a modest venue will provide.


Increased Personalization

It is far easier as well as cheaper to find and decorate for a smaller venue. This helps you keep the style you want. Rather than purchasing decorations for hundreds of tables and a large banquet hall, you can buy more decorations to accommodate a smaller space. This will help you save plentifully, maintaining a balanced budget.

At a more intimate wedding, your guests can catch a glimpse of your own unique style. They can really get the chance to see your own personal touches!

More Intimate Setting

At the typical wedding ceremony, it is entirely possible that the bride and groom do not even get the chance to see all of the guests in attendance. While wedding ceremonies represent celebration, a smaller venue forces you to choose your guests with far more care.

Therefore, those whom you truly want in attendance you can ably invite. A smaller venue benefits both couple, as well as the guests. This is due to this essentially specialized guest list, and your cultivating for a more intimate and memorable wedding ceremony.

More Simplicity in Planning

Some wedding ceremonies boast such large and complex planning that many couples require hiring a dedicated planner’s services. This adds additional costs off of your budget. A smaller venue is far more manageable, as well as easier to plan.

Rather than hiring a dedicated planner, and losing your wedding ceremony’s personal touch, you will actually possess the time to plan your own unique, individualized wedding.

Enables Planning for your Future

Instead of spending month after month to an entire lifetime’s worth of your saving for a singular event, a smaller wedding venue is much more price efficient. This affords you additional financial freedom.

After your event with The Cooper Estate, you can still plan for the future to begin establishing your new family. You do not need to set aside important life events such as buying a home due to extravagant wedding ceremony costs.


Wedding Ceremony

At your wedding or vow renewal, the ceremony should represent the best part. A smaller and more intimate ceremony is a much more memorable experience. With a smaller amount of guests and decreased planning, this allows you to host a special and unique wedding ceremony.


While a large wedding ceremony is not wrong, it might not be precisely what you or your future spouse truly wants.


At The Cooper estate, you gain the option for a private romantic ceremony in our Grotto, Oak Hammock, Garden, Parlour with a fireplace, or the outdoor Courtyard. Each of these locations boasts imparts their own unique look and feel.


For a more natural environment with trees and waterfalls, the Grotto could provide precisely what you seek. If you want an increased rustic feel, our barn environment may represent the most suitable option for your needs.


Holding your wedding ceremony at one of our unique locations can help you and your guests truly appreciate a fantastic destination wedding!

Small Weddings at The Cooper Estate

When you come to The Cooper Estate, you can ensure that your special wedding ceremony is your own. With an intimate venue and smaller guest list, your wedding or other celebration is yours, and truly memorable.


Our facility includes many amenities that can make your event that much better. We provide complimentary valet, catering, as well as three acres of landscaping. With these provisions, you and your guests can feel something unique upon your visit to our grounds.


Looking for something different for your wedding, vow renewal, or elopement celebration? We can help you with the steeple as well as the people. The Cooper Estate is delighted to host your ceremony on our grounds. Call us today at (305) 904-9032 or click here to contact us today!


Each and every year, The Cooper Estate plays hosts to numerous unbelievable celebrations. These festivities each come accompanied with their own style and purpose. Our venue is an area where breathtaking wedding ceremonies, as well as receptions and other events, call home.


We dedicate our services to helping you make your experience with us memorable. Our adjustable and flexible venues is a resource for any of your event needs!

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